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How Cool is This! Better than another team photo to collect dust on the wall – a Team Photo on a Towel! Wave it at the game, wipe your hard-earned sweat, or bite it when the score is tied and time is running out!

We clip out your team photo to highlight all those beautiful faces!


  • Upload your team photo, give us the team name and all the player names. That’s it.


  • We will clip out the people from the team image. Let us know if you want players only or players and coaches.
  • We will color the background to match your team colors from the jersey / logo. Note, we don’t use exact matches of the colors because this will clash and look weird. We start with the team color palette and “mute” them and darken so that they blend nicely and highlight the photo.
  • We will place your team logo, and all text for each player on the towel.

Towels are 50/50 soft polyester on the printed side and absorbent cotton on the blank side.