About Us

If you keep making faces, it will stay like that.your mom

Here at Faced.Shop, we like your face.

Bring your Faced.Shop towel to your friends house and leave it in their bathroom. Trust me, they will cherish the precious gift of your face staring at them every day.

Or pack your Faced.Shop towel in the school backpack so your kid(s) can make their classmates laugh - and clean up after themselves. ( Best part is, you don't have to label it )

The idea for this product was a combination of dye-sublimation experience, silliness, and an appreciation of the usefulness of towels, mugs and blankets.

Our Faced.Shop products are produced in St. Louis, Missouri by experts in the dye-sublimation technology.

Our sales and marketing is headquartered in Oshawa, Ontario